Our primary objective is delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors through innovative global timber investments.

In order to structure such investments, GFP has built an exceptional team of professionals who contribute extensive forestry and investment expertise to our global platform.

There is significant value in having experienced professionals located in our primary areas of strategic interest: the US South, South America and Oceania. In most cases, these professionals are native to the countries in which they work; in many cases they are also equity owners of GFP with significant forestry and investment experience. The backgrounds of all professionals appear in their biographies.

Since 100% of company equity is employee-owned, the interests of GFP are aligned exceptionally well with those of our investors. Equity owners are highlighted in bold in the organizational chart.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Mertz

Executive Assistant

Gayle Krater

Vice Chairman

John Scott

Funds Management and Research & Analysis

Michael McFetridge

Funds Management

Lee Lawrence
Jessica Abbott

Research & Analysis

Joel Eshbaugh, CFA
David Lindahl, PhD
Haijin Shi, PhD
Bo Dixon

Finance, Administration & Compliance

Zeid Essaid, CPA
Madonna Murphy
Luis Gomes, CPA
Marybeth Dattilio, CIPM
Christine Crandell

Jack Genest

Client Services

Chris Warrington

Karla Brothers